Please note . . . Elder Untch will not be logging onto this blog during his mission. However, Mom will keep it updated with details and pictures from his letters. Any comments or posts left by family and friends, she will print off and mail to him, so PLEASE POST. Thanks for your interest in Elder Untch's EXCITING Missionary Experiences!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Becoming Elder Untch

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

9am Session at the Kansas City Temple with Mom & Dad

Set Apart as an Official Missionary by President Manuel Medina

Lunch with the Family at Red Robin

At the Airport



Anne Untch said...

This was a very Special Day for our Family. It was awesome to see the transformation that occurred once Steve was officially set apart as an Elder. It was immediate. What a testimony to me that this is truly the Work of the Lord and an incredible privilege. I will also be honest that it was very hard to say goodbye. It was touching to see him tearfully embrace his loved ones, especially his Dad and siblings, and express his love for them. As the Mom, it was both my proudest moment for Steve and probably one of the most difficult for me as a Mom. I will always treasure the moment he was just about to enter the terminal, and he turned and came back to give me one last hug. Talk about making Mom cry. The neat thing was he then turned around, handed his ticket to the lady, and instantly smiled and started talking to her about his mission. Seeing that immediate change and courage on his part has brought such a peace and comfort to my heart. He truly is in the Lord's Hands. T.G.T. (The Gospel's True) Thank you Bob & Susan Mitchell for teaching me to use those 3 letters. We appreciate all who have blessed Elder Untch's life in so many ways. Love you all :)

Christine Clements said...

I feel your joy/pain ;) This is a glorious time in our lives. I am looking forward to sharing it with you!
Love you!

Matt said...

I guess I didn't realize how painful it would be to let your child go knowing we won't be able to see or hug him for two years. But I also realize that Steve is the Lord's and I am willing to sacrifice the time with him for a little while. We have already been blessed as a family financially (new promotion) and spiritually. I am deeply humbled by this time in our lives. You come to realize what truly is important and gain a greater eternal perspective on life.