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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

February 3, 2014

Oi!  This week for me was good. Of course it had its rollercoaster rides but thats missionary work for ya. :) We had some success yesterday at Church when we brought a whole family of 5 to the Chapel. It was 5 adults and 2 little kids all in the same house and they really liked us so they accepted the invitation to Church. We were only able to mark 1 for baptism this Sunday but tomorrow we will go over and teach all of them the Restoration and try to mark them again. I also was a little punk because one of the adults had her birthday yesterday and I told her Saturday if she went, I would buy her a cake...which I did! :) Party after Church!!!

Oh! We almost baptized Tuesday too. Last Sunday we had a young women who visited and I didnt know until Monday that she has visited at least 15 times in our ward. She lives in another stakes boundary but she has family here and where she lives there isnt a Church building anywhere close so we got permission from the mission to baptize her. One problem, Tuesday morning we passed by in the morning to do her interview but the whole family decided to randomly go back to her home. We were soooooo close!

During fast and testimony meeting I wanted to bear my testimony and so I did JUST on the will of God. One thing I said is how imperfect and worthless I am compared to God but a boy named Joseph Smith also felt those types of feelings too and look what he was able to accomplish. I dont know why but I like that analogy!

We found these 5 kittens left homeless at the Church.  The Ward Mission Leaders Family took 3 of them.  I am not sure who took these last 2.

When we were on the street one day, we noticed a lady who needed help lifting something. So I asked and she accepted and I took the load on my shoulder. After like 5 seconds she said to just give me it and go away while staring at Motley. We were super confused and asked her what was wrong. She said that 1) Jesus only speaks English, Portuguese, and Italian and 2) Rodrigo is of the devil... Strange and random, right? It was super weird because she thought that Elder Motley was Mexican. It was quite the laugh afterwards!

This week we had interviews with the President. I love President Nogueira as he always gives me this huge back-breaking hug. 

The heat is terrible here but luckily its starting to rain more...thats always a good sign. I think its also been harder to find new investigators in the street because of this. I dont know why I dislike the heat so much. :P Hope you guys are surviving all the snow though. Haha

Me Burning Up In the Heat Outside and Inside

That was my week!  I LOVE YOU X ETERNITY! Thank you so much for your prayers and love. Until next week!

Your Son,
Elder Steven Untch

P.S. By the way...Im trying to send letters but guess what happened? THE POST OFFICE WENT ON STRIKE...again. I assume this is why we have had so many problems getting the package. We will see. Dont worry.

January 27, 2014



Sunday, January 12, 2014

January 6, 2014

So my week was pretty good. Elder Motley and I decided to work in another area thats a little closer and easier to get access to the chapel. On the first day which was Tuesday, Elder Terranova (my District Leader) and I worked in my area to find some people. Usually what happens is after Sundays, lots of people are cut so we need to start completely over to find the elects. We found some and I learned some things that really helped me this week. 
Then on Thursday, the APs and the ZLs has a blitz thing to where one dupla went around to other areas and did some things. Elder Motley and I had an appointment but they went around and found 4 people for us. Sadly none of them worked out but it was still nice to have that. 

Oh...HAPPY NEW AND SUPER LATE YEAR! Sorry...I was kind of slow on that one. I cant believe the last time I talked to you was in 2013...feels like a long time, huh? Here, people hang at the beach and shoot off fireworks like crazy. Surprisingly, we all went to bed on time at 10 30pm but at midnight it was over. I woke up to the biggest booms and stuff I have ever experienced. I thought we were in a war or bombing. Here, they really dont have rules to where you can shoot off fireworks so we had some super close to our house. It was cool though...eventually I fell back to sleep. Normal day for missionaries...I sure miss the family parties. 

To add on to this week too, its been a personal battle. I feel like there are some super super big forces attacking me right now. I feel very unworthy and worth it for some weird reason. I think its because a mission turns you completely inside out. Ive been and continue to be super humbled. Its weird but I guess good at the same time. You guys said during Skype that Im a different looking man...I can testify that to looks and character...even though Im still super stubborn. ;) But this week Ive been trying to improve my prayers of faith. I learned this a lot from Brother Johnston in Seminary but on the mission Im learning even more. 

We are using this prayer of faith thing on the members too. I think I already told you about the thing were doing with the members to where we share a message really special and in the end we have a kneeling prayer with the family and they make goals and stuff to do missionary work with the family. I tell the story of what you guys are doing every time. :) My family is wonderful!

And the response here is absolutely amazing. We had a Priesthood Meeting yesterday and I told all the leaders some more about activating less actives and how referrals come in and they loved it. During the meetings all the leaders would mention stuff like that with the ward. People are starting to load our planners like crazy. I love the members here and never want to get transferred. Serious... 

Miracle story. Sunday morning was terrible...I literally almost broke down because we worked our rears off during the week and EVERY SINGLE PERSON we found fell through with visiting the Church or something like that. I was so ticked because we were getting attacked on every corner. A couple of things happened. I started to randomly think of the Savior and how he at times didnt even have success. The perfect, Savior of the world had difficulties with this...I humbled myself on that real quick. 

Then we were walking to lunch before Church (we start at 2pm now) and we ran into the member (our ward mission leader) in whom we had lunch with and he said that him and the Bishop were going to pick up some people they thought of to Church. They brought these two less active young women whose Mom never was baptized. The Mom came and she should be baptized this Sunday now. What a miracle! 

Also, another member brought another person. Sadly this person has no desire to be baptized but she came and talked to us. Seriously, that was a miracle! Ive needed that for a long time!
So this week has been a roller coaster but really special for me. Im very excited to work my rear off with members this week. I love the work here! Thanks for your encouraging words last week.

Have a great week!

Your Son Forever,

Elder Steven Untch

December 30, 2013

A super super good positive about this week is the members. Seriously this ward is awesome! I love these people and I never want to get transferred from the ward. Our Bishop just loves us now after we gave him some candy and a card for Christmas and our WML is working well with us. We accepted the offer to help him to some painting at his house this morning. Fun but super hot! 
And the members and us are really starting to work together. Im so grateful to the Lord for this. I use in my lunch messages the story of my family setting to goal to bring someone to the Gospel. I also use that scripture (earlier in email) or the match trick to apply the doctrine. And now we are setting dates with all the members to help with references or invite people to Church. This ward is really responding well. I love the people here!
It also rained for a couple of days here so that was super nice! I still miss snow... :)

But yeah I dont have too much else. Once we have more success I can share more miracles. Dont worry, Im not super down, just being attacked by the enemy. Im doing great and Im still seeing miracles everyday. (including my health) :)

I miss you and am truly grateful for all you do and will continue to do for me. I couldnt help but talk about my family after Skype. I LOVE YOU AND MY DEAR FAMILY SOOOOOOO MUCH X ETERNITY! 

Have a great week. 

Your Son,
Elder Steven Untch

Random CHRISTmas Pictures

 Ward CHRISTmas Party

Can you tell my Companion, Elder Motley,
likes Duke Dynasty?

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

December 25, 2013 -- CHRISTmas Day Skype

CHRISTmas Day Skype 2013
Written by Mom

It was WONDERFUL seeing Elder Untch today via Skype.  Unfortunately, the internet connection streaming he had in Brazil didn't allow us to hear much of what he said.  We had a fun "game" of charades trying to figure out most of what he said. However, he said he could hear everything we said very clearly.  Even though we couldn't hear him well, at one point he bore his testimony in Portuguese and we were able to hear it.  What a tender mercy, especially to this Momma!

A few thoughts from him:

-It is very hot there.  He truly misses the cold we are experiencing here in Missouri.  Crazy guy!

-He was at a Member's home.  At one point, a sweet little girl came and laid her head on his shoulder while he was talking.  Another guy to the right of him was trying to play the guitar.  It's wonderful watching him interact with these sweet, humble people in such a patient, loving manner.

-He told us that most meals there consist of spaghetti, rice, beans, and salad with tomatoes and onion.  Good thing he loves to eat all those things.

-He said he walks about 35-40 miles a day.  He said his shoes are still holding up ok but are always covered in dust.

-He said the mail is shut down for 2-3 weeks, but he hopes to receive our little box soon, and that we will receive his letters.  He cannot even buy stamps right now because of it.

He is doing very well and is very happy!  The 27th will mark his 9th month in the field.  This was THE BEST CHRISTmas Present our Family received this year!!!!!!  We love and miss you, Son!


Elder Untch (Captain America)

Mom (Black Widow) and Dad (The Hulk)

Rachel (Bat Girl), Joshua (Iron Man),
Jeremy (Hawkeye), & Amber (Super Girl)

December 23, 2013

Oi!  First thing you should know...this keyboard is awful and doesnt even have a question mark...hope you can understand.

Im very excited to Skype on Wednesday Mom... I still have to figure out the details but Im 90 percent certain we will do Skype. HAPPY EARLY CHRISTMAS by the way!!!
Our Bishop
So I bet youre wondering how my week was... it was alright. We didnt baptize...again. Im still trying to figure out how to get out of this funk were in. I think my last area has taken a toll on me and right now Im still trying to figure things out like the very complicated area and where members live. Also Im trying to make changes in my teaching and contacting to improve my abilities. Im doing good though. Seriously...this ward is absolutely amazing. The Bishop is a very low key guy but now hes really upbeat with me and just all the members here are pretty amazing. I already never want to get transferred out of this area.

On Saturday our ward had the annual Christmas party. We had it outside because unlike at home, Im burning up here during Christmas. Here, during Christmas, everyone hits the beach... But anyway, Irmao Acrisio, our WML of the ward called and said that they needed us to stop by and help said up so we went. I got to do some heavy labor but also I got to make some crafty things. I felt like someone in the Relief Society or Young Womens. Ill show you a photo of what I did next week. (THIS COMPUTER CANT REALLY DO PHOTOS)..ugh. But the party was really cool. For some reason it started super super late. It was supposed to start at 7pm but didnt until 8:40pm. Yeah, we didnt get to stay too long but we did get some amazing food! We got to watch the Joy to the World movie again too. I absolutely love that movie!

This week too we have started to change our zone. Zone Rangel used to be pretty pretty bad but we have a new Zone Leader, Elder Herrera. He is from Chile but he has really helped change this area. He came from Zone Mamaguape which baptizes like crazy and really is helping out here. So every companionship last week made a Covenant with God. So we had to do our part and God would do his. So Elder Motley and I shot for the skies...we did 40+ contacts each day, marking 4+ baptisms each day, and visiting 2+ members each day. Let me just say that wore me out...Haha but its good. We didnt get a baptism but we did see miracles. 

One is a lady we found who I feel is going through an abusive relationship. We contacted here on the road during the evening and she has two younger children. She lives with here husband but isnt married to him.. (as is most of Brasil). We could baptize here this week but she needs to marry. The thing is, she said she has many problems with may Churches because she never feels good. But after a visit yesterday she said she felt very very different. Well see if we can help the family.


Merry Christmas!

Your Son,

Elder Steven Untch

(please post this message for all to see) 

Love you all!
Elder Steven Untch <---I add this to show how much Im burning up while you are all cold. :)