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Friday, May 31, 2013

3rd Letter from Orlando...Happy Memorial Day

Guess what today is! Its my 2-month anniversary of being on a mission...isn't that insane?! And what a better way to celebrate than have it on a P-Day. Today the District is going bowling right next to Universal Studios. I'm pretty stoked!

Anyway first I want to send my prayers and thoughts to the Oklahoma Tornado victims. Sadly I really felt for them. My prayers are out to the victims. It's great to know that even when sad and tragic things like that happen, I have the Gospel which brings me that peace and hope I need everyday.

I will say that Florida is in the middle of its rainy season. It rained everyday last week except for like 2 days. And when it comes, it comes hard!

So I've been really focusing on how to make sure I'm focusing on others and not myself. Has anybody really really studied the word "charity?" If you haven't then I would highly recommend it. I've been studying the topic of charity and really making sure I don't worry about MY needs but the needs of OTHERS. I had some days this week that I didn't feel so good or I wasn't in the greatest of moods, but then I would remind myself I'm not being served but I'm serving others. What a difference it makes! Anyway that's the highlights of this past week. Its so hard to put everything in one email but I'm having a lot of fun out here. I don't even care if I go to Brasil or not at this point. But I'll go where the Lord needs me!

The miracles on this mission just keep coming! We knocked on this door and this guy named Junior opens and lets us in to talk and pray with him. He ended up being a pretty smart religious man who would let all types of missionaries in his home. We taught him twice but both times he would have a Jehovah's Witness book in his hand to compare them to us. I thought it was quite odd but we really spoke by the Spirit and he really understood our message.

We still have Alexandra, Cristopher, and Clayton with baptism dates. Clayton is in Brasil till Wednesday so we didn't teach him last week. Cristopher is doing good but he works all the time so its hard to keep in touch. Its been a struggle to get him to church. Alexandra is starting to worry us for a couple of reasons but we know she'll work out in the end. We talked to her about her expectations with baptism and we recommitted her. One thing I've really learned isf the Church is true and the Spirit will testify on His own! That is what helps Alexandra.

President Hall called us on Friday evening and sent us to an emergency run to the hospital. There was a mother from northern Florida who was on a senior trip with her daughter and she had a seizure right in the water park. Thank goodness she is okay but it was a great opportunity to go and give a priesthood blessing. Its an amazing feeling for the Spirit to work through you. Its something that I've grown to love because its peaceful yet very powerful. 

I love you all and thank you for the prayers and support!

Elder Steven Untch

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