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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

June 10, 2013

The last two weeks have been pretty awesome. Its been super super hot and very rainy. Tropical Storm Andrea was absolutely awesome. So much rain and so much lightning. I actually was on exchanges on Saturday with my District Leader Elder Duffy and one of the "arms" of that storm came through when we were biking. It was super heavy rain. It was quite the experience but I loved it. I actually found that as a blessing from Heavenly Father because it was over 100 degrees that morning. 

That exchange was very uplifting to me though. One thing I'm working on is really focusing on the Spirit so I can do what the LORD wants and not what ELDER UNTCH wants. So we looked at the map and I kept getting this feeling to tract a certain street. So we chose that and didn't even think of it again. Anyway, we went tracting and had no luck until we knocked on the last door. This lady walks out from Panama and she accepted the opportunity to pray with us and talk to her. She said that morning she had been really praying for some help because she has financial and family issues. She takes care of her two kids alone and she graduates this week. Sadly she doesn't have a job to help her so she needed help quick. Anyway we ended up showing her the "Climb the Mountain" Mormon Message and also told her about the Family History and Employment Specialist programs. After we left I remembered what happened the night before. I'll never forget that...I just saw the Spirit work through me. 

Last P-Day Elder Costa and I had an eating contest at Cici' me I won! I won't act like the after-effect was positive though. I had over 15 pieces of pizza, 3 bowls of pasta, 2 big plates of salad, 6 breadsticks, and tons of water. Yeah I'm super proud of that!

As you know we went and painted some walls at Marta's house. Her and her daughter are moving to Brasil soon but it was fun. Their dog attacked me the first time...too bad its really weak. haha But I shared the water/match/prayer thing with them. Amber would be super proud of me!

We also had the wonderful opportunity to go again and give a blessing at the hospital. We just got out of Zone Training Meeting and we got a call from the Office saying we need to leave and to bring two Books of Mormon. So we went. This man from Utah came with his wife for their 44th Anniversary. He sadly had some dehydration problems which hospitalized him for a while. I had the opportunity to bless him and it brought everyone to tears. The Spirit and Priesthood combined is such a powerful tool. There isn't a force or feeling like it anywhere in the world! Then we got to give a blessing to his new non-member friend in the same room. That was super super neat. He had such wonderful faith! The couple is giving him a Book of Mormon and also one of the nurses one. Then they asked us Sunday to get them another couple of books! Missionary work is so cool...what great examples they are.

Two weeks ago we had District P-Day. We all went bowling to this pretty cheap but super fancy alley on International Drive. (right outside of Universal) Elder Costa beat me by 10 points... -_- Not cool! 

Sadly it was a rough week for Portuguese. We lost track of Alexandra and Cristopher's date will be pushed back. Clayton works too much for us to meet him and Junior left out of town for a week. Oh well... no investigators = lots of finding time!

I love you so much. Thanks so much!

Elder Steven Untch

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