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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

February 3, 2014

Oi!  This week for me was good. Of course it had its rollercoaster rides but thats missionary work for ya. :) We had some success yesterday at Church when we brought a whole family of 5 to the Chapel. It was 5 adults and 2 little kids all in the same house and they really liked us so they accepted the invitation to Church. We were only able to mark 1 for baptism this Sunday but tomorrow we will go over and teach all of them the Restoration and try to mark them again. I also was a little punk because one of the adults had her birthday yesterday and I told her Saturday if she went, I would buy her a cake...which I did! :) Party after Church!!!

Oh! We almost baptized Tuesday too. Last Sunday we had a young women who visited and I didnt know until Monday that she has visited at least 15 times in our ward. She lives in another stakes boundary but she has family here and where she lives there isnt a Church building anywhere close so we got permission from the mission to baptize her. One problem, Tuesday morning we passed by in the morning to do her interview but the whole family decided to randomly go back to her home. We were soooooo close!

During fast and testimony meeting I wanted to bear my testimony and so I did JUST on the will of God. One thing I said is how imperfect and worthless I am compared to God but a boy named Joseph Smith also felt those types of feelings too and look what he was able to accomplish. I dont know why but I like that analogy!

We found these 5 kittens left homeless at the Church.  The Ward Mission Leaders Family took 3 of them.  I am not sure who took these last 2.

When we were on the street one day, we noticed a lady who needed help lifting something. So I asked and she accepted and I took the load on my shoulder. After like 5 seconds she said to just give me it and go away while staring at Motley. We were super confused and asked her what was wrong. She said that 1) Jesus only speaks English, Portuguese, and Italian and 2) Rodrigo is of the devil... Strange and random, right? It was super weird because she thought that Elder Motley was Mexican. It was quite the laugh afterwards!

This week we had interviews with the President. I love President Nogueira as he always gives me this huge back-breaking hug. 

The heat is terrible here but luckily its starting to rain more...thats always a good sign. I think its also been harder to find new investigators in the street because of this. I dont know why I dislike the heat so much. :P Hope you guys are surviving all the snow though. Haha

Me Burning Up In the Heat Outside and Inside

That was my week!  I LOVE YOU X ETERNITY! Thank you so much for your prayers and love. Until next week!

Your Son,
Elder Steven Untch

P.S. By the way...Im trying to send letters but guess what happened? THE POST OFFICE WENT ON STRIKE...again. I assume this is why we have had so many problems getting the package. We will see. Dont worry.

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Mary Jones said...

Yeah Elder Untch!!! He sounds good and like he is working hard. He sure looks good (O:
Thanks for sharing!!!

fyi the deleted comment was me but It was logged in as Kjel. Silly me!!