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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

July 1, 2013

President & Sister Berry
President Hall has officially been replaced by President Berry. We have a Portuguese speaking senior couple coming in tomorrow. We are super duper excited! BRASIL WON THE CONFEDERATION CUP!!! We are all super pumped because that will be huge for the World Cup. 

We went on exchanges again to the Lake Reams area last Thursday. Elder Costa and I went down there with Elder Duffy (District Leader). We had a super fun day. We taught a lesson to this lady named Joan about the Sabbath Day. She at first was like annoyed because apparently we are always pushing going to Church and stuff and didn't even know why. Well after the lesson it really turned on focusing on why the Spirit is so important in your life. It really changed her mindset and so hopefully she will be going to Church this week. We also got ice cream cones for 49 cents at McDonalds! That is an exciting thing to see as a missionary.

We also had dinner last Tuesday at the Hill's home. He is a returned missionary from Sao Paulo so he knows Portuguese. Anyway during dinner he was showing us his "planners" and photos from his mission in '98. I can't believe missionaries just had folded up paper that were letter size. That must of really stunk!  Also the lesson books were nothing like Preach My Gospel. It makes me grateful to have the tools we have now because I can be more organized and prepared to teach. 

On Saturday we had a ward party. This thing was huge! It was a interactive version of the Plan of Salvation. It consisted of everyone playing games in the gym with "money" and the missionaries would go around with stickers. Each sticker represented important things like baptism, missionary work, consecration, etc. The people would have to come to us and not us to them. Then they would be randomly pulled out to Spirit World where they would have to have those certain stickers for judgement. Then "God" would judge you to a Kingdom. It was super well done but so funny because mostly everybody received outer darkness. Haha  It was super funny. Our investigator Cris came too. We were shocked but sadly they had to leave early. We meet with her and her boyfriend this Saturday for breakfast then we will be going to the Family History Center to do some family history work. We're excited! We just need to get them to Church.

We now have a random new investigator! Renado and his girlfriend (who is a Less-Active) came to Sacrament Meeting. We didn't know them but the Spanish Elders met and talked to them. Come to find out they live super close to us and both him and girlfriend want to come to Church. So now we hopefully will have a returning appointment to baptize him and bring her back. It was something we have been praying for for a long time!

So something we decided in Weekly Planning since we haven't had any luck is Street Contacting more. So we will be walking down International Drive (which is full of parks and shops right next to Universal Studios) and just seeing who we can get. I'm kind of excited for this because tracting can get very tiring and lame...especially when its like 6 to 7 hours a day. Pray we will find somebody whose ready to receive the Gospel!

I want to do a weekly scripture for you and those on the blog. Today my first one will be my mission scripture. President Medina in my interview gave me Alma 37: 33-37. This is my favorite scripture because it explains exactly what every member of the Church should do to help bring the other children of God into the Gospel. 

Anyway...that's all I have this week! It was pretty awesome and hot. Personally I'm happy and keeping afloat. I sure miss home but I'm not getting sick or anything. I sure do love you though.

Elder Steven Untch

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