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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

July 15, 2013

How are you doing this week? I've been doing pretty great even though the soaring heat has just bombarded us this week. On Saturday morning we went to play soccer with our ward and let me just say it was super hot. After that we went and did a service project for some potential investigators. Then afterwards we went over to President Wood's house to eat lunch and Elder Costa asked him if he could lie down somewhere. He got heatstroke... I had huge headaches too. But don't worry, I drank PLENTY of water and am feeling a lot better now.
President & Sister Wood and Elder Delgato
So my week was pretty great not counting the heat and other stuff similar to that. The best part was that Cris, our investigator actually came to Church yesterday! It took forever but we finally did it! The next step will be setting a baptism date which won't be easy. When Elder Costa was sick on Saturday Elder Delgado and I had to go teach them alone. We taught about the Sabbath Day and committed them to Church. They didn't come until the middle of sacrament but we'll take it!


Last week we also met President Berry! He is super super awesome and fun. Sister Berry reminds me a lot of you too Mom. Before the meeting ended she pulled out a basket of M&Ms and said, "Before you go, make sure everyone of you grabs something to keep you MISSIONARY-MINDED!" I totally thought of you in that moment. They also gave this really cool coin that has a bunch of cool stuff on it. They want us to hold this in our pockets or somewhere all the time to remind us we are Disciples of Jesus Christ. That was a genius idea.

Last P-Day evening we went tracting at this area we normally don't go and the first door we knocked on was a Brasilian guy who came from Brasilia and his wife is from Wisconsin. She was super scared of us but we got to pray with him and tell him about families. He said they just got married but she came out of an ugly divorce. So it was cool we had an opportunity to help them a bit. Hopefully we can teach them the Gospel soon!

Elder Duffy and I worked MetroWest-Portuguese work alone! *gulp* Let me just say my Portuguese wasn't that great but it wasn't terrible. We had a lot of fun because 7-11 had their birthday on Thursday and they were giving out free slurpees. Well MetroWest has a ton of gas stations so we each got lot 5 slurpees...BEST. DAY. EVER. We also went street contacting down at I-Drive in the middle of all the tourists. We looked like such geeks but it was so much fun!

The Portuguese Elders have officially started English Classes at the Stake Center. So far we're 0 for 2 for getting people here but we've had a lot of non-members call us. It's kind of fun being allowed to speak your own language to Portuguese and Spanish people every once in a while. :)

So we got ripped at WalMart Friday night...we went to contact there because we usually see a lot of Brasilians. Well we got out of the car and this guy was waiting for us. He put the recorder on his I-Phone on and just tried to prove us wrong. Sadly he didn't let us talk and it ended up being he was a missionary for a Church that believes no one can return to God except the 12 Tribes and that the rest of us are all in slavery. It was sort of weird but I do remember my testimony and Spirit just being worn out. I'm glad it was the end of the day cause first thing when we finished nightly planning I just kneeled down to pray and just went on and on. Then I read my Patriarchal Blessing and all the questions I had in that prayer were answered. That was a big testimony builder for me on Patriarchal Blessings and how the Lord works. I'll never forget that night!

SCRIPTURE OF THE WEEK:  Revelations 3:20 & Genesis 3:10
I thought I'd be a little funny this week! A Brasilian member taught us this one and its funny. There was a member and she was good friends with the Bishop of her ward and the family. Well one day the Bishop went to their house to get some things from them and knocked the door. No one answered but he heard movement. He went to the back and knocked the door there. Movement but no answer. So he left a note... it consisted of the scripture Revelations 3:20. The next Sunday during sacrament meeting she wrote the Bishop a note back and had her son take it up to him. As he opened the note the biggest grin appeared on his face as he tried not to laugh. The note consisted of the scripture Genesis 3:10.  I thought it was super funny! Just shows that scriptures can't always be that boring! :)

Elder Steven Untch

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