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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

July 8, 2013 -- 4th of July

Well this week has been super duper eventful. Obviously the 4th of July was a bummer because I wasn't with the family but mine was pretty nice. We had dinner at the Albert's home (where I rode a Segway). They love the Portuguese missionaries and everything we ate was just like the Untch party. I was super excited! 


We also went tracting and the 3rd door we knocked opened. The guy was like "No" and slammed it in our face. Then we went to the next door and then the guy came right back out and said "You know what? That was lets talk." So we ended up talking to this guy named Michael for like an hour. He's a so called Atheist and just had a ton of questions. We ended up teaching him the Gospel of Jesus Christ and he accepted the invitation for the missionaries to return. It was amazing to see how talking about the Atonement just changed his whole opinion around. It was awesome! 

Then after that we had the rare and awesome opportunity to go to the top of the Orlando Temple and watch the fireworks in the distance. If you turned one way you could see Universal, the other Disney World! It was so fun!

We also got to do Temple Service again this week. I mowed like all of the sides of the temple. Rough... Haha

Last Monday on P-Day we got to do District P-Day. The Sisters in our District planned on going to the park, eating Subway, playing soccer, and tye-dying shirts. It turned out really good and we all wore our shirts to Temple Service. 

We again only have the one investigator Cris but we have had opportunities this week to talk to and teach random Brasilians. We may not have high numbers but the Lord is still blessing us because of our faith. We actually went to breakfast Saturday Morning at Cris's house and they invited two of their close friends. It was amazing because they are super intelligent and asked so many things about the Church. We actually think we might have them at Church soon and will give them the lessons. We think that was the reason we could never drop Cris, we needed to meet these people!

We had a less-active named Afonso whose been less-active for 10 years because of work. Well we taught him about the priesthood a week ago and 2 days ago we taught him the Sabbath Day. I love how humble he is. The first thing he said after we taught him was, "Shoot and I've been shopping this whole time on Sundays...I better change that up a bit." I love this guy! He's been coming to Church weekly too and the best part is he goes to class and talks to people on his own. That's a very good sign for someone who isn't as active. 

Guess what?! Our senior couple is here! The Neilson's are the 10 month VISA waiters who are from Utah. He speaks fluent Portuguese and she's learning. We helped them move in and they are the most kind and humble people I've met. He is dying to team up with us on evenings and she wants to feed us all the time. Haha And they have a lot of connections with people here they didn't know. Sorry I'm way too excited for this but the Portuguese work desperately needed this blessing!
I finished reading the Doctrine & Covenants and am now reading the New Testament. I absolutely love the Savior and what He has done for me.  I'm grateful for all you do. You are in my prayers!

Elder Steven Untch

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