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Monday, August 12, 2013

August 12, 2013

Elder Cabrera and I by a huge candy table at the ward party. 

Oi!  This week has been pretty good! Ill first start off by saying that the way missionaries do things here is different. I already told you about the culture but I notice that things like the way we track numbers, live, do activities, and more are so much different. I guess that's what happens when you work in a different country. I love it though!

The language isnt going very good but its okay. You have to go through rough trials to get to the good. So Im keeping the faith. I realize that people know Im American so I might as well get over it and just keep practicing. 

So last week the Zone Leaders all had a big meeting with President Nogueria and the result was crazy. We were told that we needed to have 4 baptisms a month (or one a week) from EACH companionship. Even for Brasil thats rough. Right now we only have one baptism in the Zone and its not us. Sadly our area has had to start from Point A but hopefully something will happen soon. 

Elder Cabrera, Elder Bond, Elder Peirce, and I. 
Bond and Peirce are Zone Leaders and we all live together.

In regards to investigators, we have some. We had Herbery whose like 23 and married. Hes been working with missionaries for months but I want to know whats holding him back to be baptized. He came with his wife to a ward activity we had Saturday. We have Elton who is super cool but we havent really been able to teach him yet because he works a ton. Plus he didnt come to Church. :P We had that 10 year old investigator, Tarissa. When we were teaching her about baptism her mother called and said that she wasnt allowed to be baptized anywhere. We teach her at her grandmothers who is a member. So it was really sad but oh well. Besides that though were still finding. Our area isnt that easy to work in.

On Friday we did our weekly walk with Bishop to visit members. We started talking on the way with Bishop and I asked him about the youth in the ward. He said that they have a ton of less actives. Right after that we visited one of the less active youth and we get to meet him again next week. I dont know why I needed to ask that but I think it would be good to get the youth back in Church. Youth means more Priesthood and more active missionary work in the ward. 

Guess what we had Saturday?! DINNER! You never eat dinner here until super late but for missionaries you dont eat dinner a lot. Dont worry...lunch is always big. But yeah that ward party was on Saturday and they loaded us up on food. Soooooo gooooood!

As I said earlier, there was a baptism yesterday. Elder Bond and Peirce had theres and we went. I didnt realize that that was the first baptism Ive attended on my mission. Hopefully that will continue to change the longer Im here. 

Thats what I have for now. Its pretty hot here but life is pretty good. Earlier we were talking about the culture difference and man I didnt realize how grateful I am for you. You do soooooo much for me. Make sure the siblings become grateful for what they have! Thank you so much Mother! :)

My next planner cover for next transfer which I designed

Scripture of the Week: D&C 75: 2-5 <---Another good missionary scripture


Elder Steven Untch

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