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Monday, August 19, 2013

August 18, 2013

Our District

Thank you for the constant love and prayers you send me. It really means a lot to a missionary to have that!

This week was pretty normal in terms of nothing to out of the ordinary happening. Again we didnt have a baptism but we might have one this Sunday! Yay!

But first thing that happened this week was an exchange with Elder Bond. Elder Bond and I worked in Bayeux Central, the other area here, and we worked our tails off. We found this family who was very very acceptive of baptism and I felt the Spirit so strong. It was cool because we were on our way to another appointment and we just looked at this one house and BAM! :) So that was a good day!

View from our House

The next day the Assistants came and had an exchange with Elder Bond and Pierce but its called more of a blitz than exchange. A blitz is where both companionships work in one area. The numbers they had at the end of the day was insane. Over 20 new investigators and 11 baptism dates! Crazy huh?! 

But back to investigators. We have Rosilene. We went last Tuesday and when we knocked (or clapped as they do here) she came out and gave us the Book of Mormon back. She said she didnt understand it and just didnt feel very good about it. Well we offered to read and understand with her and she accepted the offer. Well by the end of the lesson she had a brand new baptism date and understood everything. We found out shes having some severe family issues and its caused a lot of trouble for her. Its amazing how much you can learn by listening to the Spirit and asking direct questions. 

Our Cool Chapel

Our other investigator is Gustavo (who is pretty solid baptism this week). Hes 11 years old and was contacted on the street during exchanges. Well to teach him we need approval from the parents. He only lives with his mother but the next day we went over and visited them. She at first was kind of defensive. Nice, but defensive because she was Catholic. But we offered to share a message and she accepted. So we shared a message of the Restoration and she was amazed at the message. She said that every Church she has attended she hasnt felt really good about it. Well, once we can get her to Church she might be another baptism! Yay! :)

As far as other investigators we have Herbery still who came to Church yesterday and a couple other non solid ones. It takes a lot of work from both us and them to make it work but things are starting to happen here. 

Yesterday it rained all ALLLLL DAY! Until bedtime... weather is so weird. So yeah I was drenched going to Church. I love having those experiences.

So if you havent read Jesus the Christ by Talmage. please do. I just finished that book on Saturday and its incredible. Its amazing how much the Savior did and continues to do for us. I just feel very humbled when I think about Him. The most unselfish Man ever didnt have to make the sacrifices He did. His death was a complete and whole sacrifice. This book had some great insights. 

Acai . . . Brazilian Icecream (Yum!)

But yeah that was my week... walking, teaching, eating, sleeping, reading, and repeat over and over again. Haha But it was very good and spiritual. 

Scripture of the Week: Romans 8:16-18

Thats all for this week but again thanks for the love and support.

Elder Steven Untch

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