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Monday, October 14, 2013

Caroline's Baptism -- October 7, 2013

Elder Untch, Victor, Caroline & Elder Cabrera
Oi!  Did you get to watch [General] Conference?  I watched it in Portuguese. We were trying to in English but the antenna wasnt set up right. Luckily one TV had the captions in English, so it was up and down.  Fortunately a super awesome member will download all the sessions on my USB and I have speakers that I can connect to so Ill listen again in English. Was amazing wasnt it?!

Let me just say that absolutely nothing happened during the week. Seriously...just talking to people on the street and inviting to Conference. Nothing else. The REAL MEAT happened Saturday and Sunday.

Before I even hit the topic of General Conference I just need to say that we had two more baptisms Sunday. :) 

The first one was Victor. He is 9 years old and we met him at the beginning of the transfer when his neighbors (who are members) invited him over to FHE (Family Home Evening). We then started teaching him and his Mom. His mom didnt work out at all but she was super supportive of him being baptized. I was the one who performed the ordinance for him. 

The other one was Caroline. She is the one of the three sisters that I think I talked about before. Shes pretty cool! Shes 15 years old and at first her mom wasnt very supportive of her being baptized. But then we had the opportunity to talk to the mom and Caroline bore this strong testimony about how she received an answer about the Book of Mormon and the Gospel! It was super cool. So she was baptized. The baptism was between the first and second session of conference on Sunday. We had only one building in the Stake broadcasting the Conference so we had our whole zone of missionaries there. For the closing hymn all the missionaries sang I Know That My Redeemer Lives. It was very special.

But now I need to talk about Conference...did you feel that that was a REPENT or ELSE type of conference? To be honest I felt that way and it was super cool. I cant think of a doctrine or commandment that wasnt hit in that conference. 

I learned and will personally work on focusing on the basics or as the member of the Seventy said, Look Up! I think we get so caught up at focusing way to much on detail that we forget to just do it. It was very good for me to have this conference. 

Also, missionary work was hit that hardest its ever been. I liked the talks that focused on not worrying about the world and just go and bear your testimony. Thats one thing about my mission that Ive learned to love, not caring what other people think because I know that the things of which I bear witness of our true. There have been times where others walking by or behind start talking about the Mormons and how were so different thinking we arent listening.  Then I just turn around with a thumbs up. DONT EVER BE ASHAMED OF THE GOSPEL. 

Which is better, not sharing your testimony or receiving the blessings from sharing the testimony. I was so happy Mom that you said the family has a goal to find someone for the missionaries. Thats a thing here thats reallllly struggling but I know and have seen the results when the people have been able to bring people to the Gospel. This work is absolutely amazing and yesterday I gained a new confidence that Ive never had before of working my tail off under the leadership of living prophets, seers, and revelators. Theres absolutely nothing like the organization of Christs church here on the Earth and were all very fortunate to be apart of it.

Thats a few of my thoughts from Conference. Im going to study them very hard here the next couple of months and maybe Ill have some better insight.

LOVE YOU! Until next week...

Elder Steven Untch

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