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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

September 30, 2013

Ola!!!!   Thanks again for all of the support and updates...seriously its so great to have!

It was a pretty great week here in Brasil! Its almost getting to winter which in the South Hem is really really gets very hot! 

I reached the 6 month mark and as I look back its amazing to see how Ive grown personally. Im developing traits I never thought I could of. Obviously I have a LOTTTTT of work to still do.

Last P-Day after emails was crazy. We went and worked in the evening and we had this meeting that lasted till like 8:50pm. Well to walk home it takes 40 minutes and we obviously only had 10. I asked the Lord if there was anyway possible to have help because we didnt have money to take an alternative home. Sure enough were walking in this dark street this Taxi guy pulls up and says that any representative of God is deserving of a free ride. I cant tell you how great that was for me...BIG testimony builder! Also we get home and we saw everything dark and the doors open. We were robbed...

JK! We werent reallyyyyyy robbed but Elder Peirce and Bond thought itd be funny to fake rob us. :P I was confused because some stuff was gone like some chairs and stuff but my camera and wallet were sitting and my desk untouched. DORKS! Anyone have any missionary approp ideas to get them back? Haha

I also had two exchanges with Elders this week. On Tuesday we had Elder Tavarez in my area with me and we did a lot of great teaching together. Hes a super cool Brasilian dude and him and I worked great together. The other one was on Thursday when I went back to my old area in Bayeux and was with Elder Sprouse. He is fresh out of the MTC and American so imagine us was great. The night before I begged the Lord for the Gift of Tongues and sure enough that day I had the greatest understanding of Portuguese. I understood and could speak it just fine with no problems. And him and I really got to know each other as people and it was cool to help him gain some more confidence. We will be super good friends on this mission. Great great day!

Another cool experience we had was Saturday. Elder Cabrera and I were walking to our area and we see this guy with a cart with these bed matresses. Sure enough we asked if we could help and we influenced him. Well after a lot of man labor going through a earth trail HE started asking US about the Church! It was great! Sadly he didnt come to Church with us but well talk with him today after PDay. I love serving people...its the best way to find new investigators! :)

An update with baptisms and stuff. Next week we have 3 firms for baptism next week. Two sisters and another kid that weve known for a while. Its super great! Pray that it works out this week! :) Next week I should be sending pictures of the baptism!

As you can tell this week was pretty amazing. I know it wasnt because of anything Ive done. Its because of your constant support and prayers...with the Lords hand in all things! Its wonderful to be a missionary for the Lord. Its His work and Im lucky to be a part of it. 

I love you so much! 

Ate proxima semana! (Until next week)

Sincerely Your Son,


P.S. I need to find another way to send pictures because these computers wont... Grrr..I promise I will soon.

I love you! 

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