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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Matias' Baptism -- October 23, 2013

Elder Cabrera and Matias

Right now is transfer time. Elder Cabrera isnt my companion anymore. He left to train in Capina Grande. I have a new companion, Elder Peirce...yes, the same one who was my Zone Leader! Dude were so pumped because we and Elder Bond still live in the same house and we have another American here now too. This is great!!! So Im staying in my area and I have a new companion. Im super excited because I love my area!

Last week before transfers everyone in the mission had interviews with Presidente. We went on Tuesday but after 8 hours of waiting in the mission office he ran out of time so we had to reschedule for Friday. It was pretty good but no special things to talk about. Só Baptiza! :)

On Saturday, Elder Peirce (my soon to be comp) and I went to a party at a members house and found some investigators and potentials there. And of course, the cake there was AMAZINGGGG! 

I also had two other exchanges this past week. Elder Peirce and Elder Sprouse, the newer Elder again. Its a lot of fun because as a junior to a District Leader you basically get to help all of the Junior Comps. I truly believe my Portuguese is at a good level. I cant wait to see it by my 1 year mark. Its super exciting! Its a feat I thought Id never conquer.

On Saturday night, Elder Cabrera and I went on the bus home and this random guy comes up to us and talks to us about random stuff. He knows 10 different languages and can recite multiple scriptures in all of them. It was weird...talking to a Brasilian in English. Sadly hes pretty Anti-Mormon... I wont go any farther than that. 

Dear family I appreciate your prayers. Seriously, I know you guys prayed at one point that Id have more success. The Lord blessed us again this past weekend with another baptism. Its a 13 year old named Matias. Hes super cool and very aware of the Spirit. He also has some family issues but its cool because its pushing him to have a great testimony and be a wonderful missionary. Its pretty exciting when you can look ahead of the future lives of the people youve helped. 

But that was this week in a nutshell. Its super duper hot right now! 

I love you all dearly family! Know how much I care and love you all. You mean so much to me and I know this mission is making me a better bro and son. 


Até proxima semana... (until next week)

Elder Steven Untch

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