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Monday, November 11, 2013

October 28, 2013

First off, Elder Peirce and I work together absolutely amazing! Its so great. Weve been doing a ton of contacting at doors and on the streets but we do it so efficiently. We have a goal to teach 62 lessons on the street this week, hopefully finding a gold investigator. Weve taken streets to knock and Ill knock one side and him the other. We get tons of people just within a couple of hours. Its amazing! I love Blitzin as we call it. :)

Sadly, yesterday nobody came to Church after all the firmes we had on Saturday. It really made us sad but its okay. One positive is Matias was confirmed so that was really nice. Right now the ward, especially our amazing Bishop are pushing reactivation. We have the ward directory now and are going to find families and start baptizing the families. Its amazing how much the Lord works through His people to get His work done. President Costa when he was here promised that every less active we brought back to Church would bring us a baptism. We have a potencial one soon. I really dont know right now though but its exciting. 

Also Bishop announced yesterday that our area will be made into a branch sometime soon and that wed be in another building in our area. Isnt that exciting?! :) Sadly I dont think Ill be here...

But that was the highlights of this week. Right now the work is slow but Elder Peirce and I are going to absolutely destroy this area contacting people this week. I hope I can next week report on all of the success. 

Ate proxima semana!

Your Son for Eternity,

Elder Steven Untch

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