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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

December 23, 2013

Oi!  First thing you should know...this keyboard is awful and doesnt even have a question mark...hope you can understand.

Im very excited to Skype on Wednesday Mom... I still have to figure out the details but Im 90 percent certain we will do Skype. HAPPY EARLY CHRISTMAS by the way!!!
Our Bishop
So I bet youre wondering how my week was... it was alright. We didnt baptize...again. Im still trying to figure out how to get out of this funk were in. I think my last area has taken a toll on me and right now Im still trying to figure things out like the very complicated area and where members live. Also Im trying to make changes in my teaching and contacting to improve my abilities. Im doing good though. Seriously...this ward is absolutely amazing. The Bishop is a very low key guy but now hes really upbeat with me and just all the members here are pretty amazing. I already never want to get transferred out of this area.

On Saturday our ward had the annual Christmas party. We had it outside because unlike at home, Im burning up here during Christmas. Here, during Christmas, everyone hits the beach... But anyway, Irmao Acrisio, our WML of the ward called and said that they needed us to stop by and help said up so we went. I got to do some heavy labor but also I got to make some crafty things. I felt like someone in the Relief Society or Young Womens. Ill show you a photo of what I did next week. (THIS COMPUTER CANT REALLY DO PHOTOS)..ugh. But the party was really cool. For some reason it started super super late. It was supposed to start at 7pm but didnt until 8:40pm. Yeah, we didnt get to stay too long but we did get some amazing food! We got to watch the Joy to the World movie again too. I absolutely love that movie!

This week too we have started to change our zone. Zone Rangel used to be pretty pretty bad but we have a new Zone Leader, Elder Herrera. He is from Chile but he has really helped change this area. He came from Zone Mamaguape which baptizes like crazy and really is helping out here. So every companionship last week made a Covenant with God. So we had to do our part and God would do his. So Elder Motley and I shot for the skies...we did 40+ contacts each day, marking 4+ baptisms each day, and visiting 2+ members each day. Let me just say that wore me out...Haha but its good. We didnt get a baptism but we did see miracles. 

One is a lady we found who I feel is going through an abusive relationship. We contacted here on the road during the evening and she has two younger children. She lives with here husband but isnt married to him.. (as is most of Brasil). We could baptize here this week but she needs to marry. The thing is, she said she has many problems with may Churches because she never feels good. But after a visit yesterday she said she felt very very different. Well see if we can help the family.


Merry Christmas!

Your Son,

Elder Steven Untch

(please post this message for all to see) 

Love you all!
Elder Steven Untch <---I add this to show how much Im burning up while you are all cold. :)

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