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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

December 25, 2013 -- CHRISTmas Day Skype

CHRISTmas Day Skype 2013
Written by Mom

It was WONDERFUL seeing Elder Untch today via Skype.  Unfortunately, the internet connection streaming he had in Brazil didn't allow us to hear much of what he said.  We had a fun "game" of charades trying to figure out most of what he said. However, he said he could hear everything we said very clearly.  Even though we couldn't hear him well, at one point he bore his testimony in Portuguese and we were able to hear it.  What a tender mercy, especially to this Momma!

A few thoughts from him:

-It is very hot there.  He truly misses the cold we are experiencing here in Missouri.  Crazy guy!

-He was at a Member's home.  At one point, a sweet little girl came and laid her head on his shoulder while he was talking.  Another guy to the right of him was trying to play the guitar.  It's wonderful watching him interact with these sweet, humble people in such a patient, loving manner.

-He told us that most meals there consist of spaghetti, rice, beans, and salad with tomatoes and onion.  Good thing he loves to eat all those things.

-He said he walks about 35-40 miles a day.  He said his shoes are still holding up ok but are always covered in dust.

-He said the mail is shut down for 2-3 weeks, but he hopes to receive our little box soon, and that we will receive his letters.  He cannot even buy stamps right now because of it.

He is doing very well and is very happy!  The 27th will mark his 9th month in the field.  This was THE BEST CHRISTmas Present our Family received this year!!!!!!  We love and miss you, Son!


Elder Untch (Captain America)

Mom (Black Widow) and Dad (The Hulk)

Rachel (Bat Girl), Joshua (Iron Man),
Jeremy (Hawkeye), & Amber (Super Girl)

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