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Thursday, December 5, 2013

December 4, 2013

Elder Motley


Oi! This has been a busy week. On Sunday night, Elder Southwick last minute got called to the Mission Office to be transferred. He will eventually next transfer be the new executive secretary of the mission. Anyway so Elders Bond, Peirce, and I went with him and the assistent Elder Razeira started to talk to us. He said that Elder Bond as a Zone Leader would still have to go to a leadership meeting that next day but ALSO said that it would be best if he stayed at the mission office all day Tuesday because Elder Peirce and I would have to pick up our new missionaries. You should of seen my face...I was super shocked! I am super excited! So now I am a trainer. My new trainee is Elder Motley from Ohio. He served as a VISA Waiter for two transfers in Idaho. Ill send a comp photo next week.  Hes a super fun and humble guy. We will work great together. Elder Peirce stayed in Bayeux CTR II so I got transferred and have whitewashed an area. Its in the Rangel Zone, Mangabeira area.  One thing about this new area is it was SUPER HARD to find a computer to email my Mom.  :(

So I survived my first Thanksgiving without my family in Brasil. It was absolutely awesome! We had this special training by the Assistants to the President. Afterwards they went with the Zone Leaders to all of our areas to see how the work is doing. At the end of the day we bought $100 worth of pizza and we ate till we died! With the APs we had 5 Americans and 1 Brasilian so we took advantage of it. Oh, and we ate at a members house who has a turkey walking around in the yard. What a wonderful Thanksgiving! :)

In regards to the events in Bayeux last week...nothing worked out. Time for a new experience. :)

Im also very excited to hear soooo many people from home are going on missions. Thats super incredible! I love missionary work!

I LOVE YOU TONS! Até proxima semana!    (Until next week!)

Te Amo!   Seu Filho para sempre,    (I love you! Your son forever,)

Elder Steven Untch

P.S.  Sorry for no pictures.  I will send some on Monday when I email again.

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