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Monday, November 25, 2013

November 25, 2013


HEY!  Momma I missed you this week! I just enjoyed reading your email last week. Its just a refreshing thing everytime I read my families stuff...especially my Mothers.

By the way...I absolutely LOVE the whole Avengers thing. I wrote it all in a super compact notebook with notes, cut out Ensign talks, etc. And since Im involved Ill come up with my abilities and say that Captain America is to bear a bold, strong, and firm testimony of the love (Atonement) of Christ. Like the Captain America/Avenger movies, he gets to experience two different kinds of evil in two different parts of time and the world. I kind of connect that with my mission so far. What do you think?

Soooooo, my week.  Ill say that 6 days went pretty darn well. It was a humbling but definently spiritually uplifting week for the most part. 

I like to have an attitude of just baptizing everyone and at least finding someone to baptism each week. To get baptized, people that arent primary age need to go twice so I assume if I can get them to go twice then we will baptize. Well Elder Bond and I went together because the ZLs came and blitzed our area. (meaning two duplas of missionaries in our area) I told him we would finish a ficha (or application for baptism) for whatever person today. Sure enough we go to this one house to a less active young man to ask him if his friend (a potencial investigator) returned from a trip. He said no but his brother whose the same age was there and he talked about wanting to be baptized. Missionaries have been working with him for FOREVER but never was baptized. Well I told him we would do the ficha that moment. So we completed it. It was all good. One problem, he was super firm for baptism till the last minute when I brought baptism clothes to bring to the Church. He couldnt even get out of bed. Elder Peirce and I think that the family (the nonmembers) gave him stuff to drink and also drugged him up to where he was way to tired. I was absolutely livid but was cool. So were still working with that this week but Im grateful for this experience to show me my faith will do some wonders here on the mission. 

Carolinas grandma wants to be baptized but needs to stop smoking. Please pray for her.

We also have this girl who wants to Bible Bash with us.  During the week, she tried to rip me apart on my beliefs and I bore a firm testimony on the prophet Joseph Smith. It wasnt till that I moment I realized how much I love my testimony! Its super special to me. I love those experiences. 



Soda  CHRISTmas Tree

I LOVE YOU SOOOO MUCH! I have PDay next Wednesday due to transfers so Ill email then.


Elder Steven Untch aka Captain America

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