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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

December 9, 2013 -- 20th Birthday

A Wonderful Cake and Celebration by Dear Ward Members

Oi!   Im lucky I get to spend my BDay on PDay!

So my week was pretty good...very very busy and crazy! Mangabeira is a very big but super complicated area. Elder Motley and I spent this week talking to a bunch of people on the street and visiting members...especially the leaders of the ward. Other missionaries have been talking about difficulties with the members here but so far we have had much success. After visiting the leaders and having a very effective ward counsel meeting, we have 3 or more leaders going on team ups to visit less actives and investigators. The work here will progress!!

Im teaching Elder Motley now how to take each week as a Só Batiza week (Just Baptize attitude...). He served in Idaho, Boise as a VISA waiter just like me and hes feeling the pressure for sure. Walking for him has been rough but hes going to do great. He has a desire to work! 

We found a couple of cool people this week and we just contacted like crazy...this week will be even worse... I love being the senior. >:)

Tomorrow we have Conference for Christmas. Im super pumped for this one! It will be a fun day. Ill take photos!

Geez...Im really bad at thinking what happened this week. It was just contacts and working with members. Oh, we are working with a recent convert, Joao Batista! He was baptized by Elder Peirce :) Yes, Elder Peirce worked this area before Bayeux!!

Ill do so much better next week with details...well have cool investigators and baptisms next week too so Im excited!

Soccer on My Bday

But thanks so much for everything! I LOVE YOU SOOOO MUCH!!!! Dont will come in a bunch!


Elder Steven Untch

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