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Sunday, January 12, 2014

December 30, 2013

A super super good positive about this week is the members. Seriously this ward is awesome! I love these people and I never want to get transferred from the ward. Our Bishop just loves us now after we gave him some candy and a card for Christmas and our WML is working well with us. We accepted the offer to help him to some painting at his house this morning. Fun but super hot! 
And the members and us are really starting to work together. Im so grateful to the Lord for this. I use in my lunch messages the story of my family setting to goal to bring someone to the Gospel. I also use that scripture (earlier in email) or the match trick to apply the doctrine. And now we are setting dates with all the members to help with references or invite people to Church. This ward is really responding well. I love the people here!
It also rained for a couple of days here so that was super nice! I still miss snow... :)

But yeah I dont have too much else. Once we have more success I can share more miracles. Dont worry, Im not super down, just being attacked by the enemy. Im doing great and Im still seeing miracles everyday. (including my health) :)

I miss you and am truly grateful for all you do and will continue to do for me. I couldnt help but talk about my family after Skype. I LOVE YOU AND MY DEAR FAMILY SOOOOOOO MUCH X ETERNITY! 

Have a great week. 

Your Son,
Elder Steven Untch

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