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Monday, September 23, 2013

September 16, 2013

Oi!  Yesterday we got to go back to Lucas ward and see him confirmed. Elder Andre who is in my zone did the confirmation and we were super happy. But yeah this was very special not just for me but for all of us. It shows that the Lord answers prayers. :)

My area is pretty sweet. Its called Motirão and its in the Bayeux CTR ward (the other side of town). Bayeux CTR area is pretty sweet because its uphill from Bayeux and you can see the view of Joao Pessoa. I need to get a picture of it soon. We have 4 Elders in this ward and 4 new ones in the other. Elder Bond, Pierce, Cabrera, and I are here still together. We have a sweet new house that President wanted to get. Its almost modernized for Brasil and the only problem is the water. We live next to this water tower so the water pressure here can sometimes really change the water and it causes problems. But yeah...but our area in Motirão takes 30 minutes to get there walking. We go through this sweet forest area and some big hills to get there. Motirão is pretty cool too. There has been some great success here in the past. Its kind of a poorer area and can be super dangerous to return home at nights but were fine. :)

But this week we did a lot of finding and stuff. We found a guy, Antonio who is a friend of Bishop and has been at the Church many times for soccer but not for Church. We invited him to be baptized and he accepted but he didnt come to Church so we need to try again. We found another guy Fransisco and his wife who know the Church very well. He works a lot in Recife and has been by the temple many times. But one problem...didnt come to Church. 

For Church yesterday we had no original investigators come but we had a 18 year old named João and another 12 year old who came with a friend. João is super crazy and is really hard to keep him focused but I had the glorious opportunity to be with him. Let me just say it took a lot of physical work. But hey we did get to teach him a little bit and we might have an appointment with him tomorrow. The other one we didnt get to talk much but we have an appointment with him too. His name is Tiago. 

We have this one investigator who is almost golden. Shes 13 and believes everything that was taught and wants to be baptized. One problem...her Mom is a HUGE Catholic and wants nothing to do with the Church. Sadly we are kind of stuck because we cant even teach her a lot because her Mom says shes never home...not true. But yeah so who knows...we might have another baptism around the corner. 

I had a funny experience this week. Elder Bond and Elder Pierce had a baptism with a teenager named Geovani. Hes cool but he is super lazy. It looks like he always doesnt want anything to do with the Church but when it comes down to it hes pretty firm here. Its funny. But anyway we had an appointment and we asked if he was coming to Church. He was like...I dont know...I responded by saying yeah you do! And then I pulled out a Faith in Christ card and said., This is my favorite picture and I want to let you borrow it. BUT you have to return it to me 4 oclock on Sunday at the Church. Sure enough he did! :) It was great! I didnt think that would work but sure enough it did.

But yeah that was basically my week... A lot of things changed here on the transfer...there are a lot of new areas in the mission! Its pretty sweet!

Elder Steven Untch

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