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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

September 23, 2013

Hey!!! Thanks again as always for the wonderful updates, uplifting thoughts, and encouragement. Im lucky to have that in my life. 

This week was still pretty great! On Tuesday we had a Blitz with Elder Bond and Peirce in both of our areas. For half of the day we all worked in our area and other half we all worked in their area. That was a lot of fun! Elder Peirce and I were together and we marked some baptism dates with some people.

The thing about marking baptisms is here in Brasil you do it first thing! Because all Brasilians will let you in their house to teach a lesson but we need to find the serious people. So we always invite to Church and/or invite to baptism first thing. Its a pretty cool system, something you definitely cant do in the USA. 

Our zone sadly has been reallyyyy struggling with that lately so the assistants came and gave us a training that was pretty great. We thought that they would come here and blast us but I gained a lot of respect for them as leaders. They taught by example and focused firmly on our purpose as missionaries. I came out of that meeting very determined to work harder. And our numbers showed for it. I love good leadership! We had 17 new investigators along with a lot of lessons throughout the week. All we need to do now is get them to Church!!

But yeah that was really all that happened this week. Lots of teaching and finding with some super good training. 

Scripture of the Week: 3 Nep. 27:27 <---the last part is my favorite

I love you so much.  Thanks again for all of your prayers and support! Until next week!


Your Son,

Elder Steven Untch

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