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Monday, November 11, 2013

Edivan's Baptism -- November 11, 2013

Edivan's Baptism

My week was pretty interesting. We had our monthly Zone Training Meeting again this week which was super good. Elder Peirce and I set a goal to baptize 7 people this month, including 2 men, and 1 family. The missions focus on men a lot just due to the lack of Priesthood in these Brasilian wards. The meeting though went great.

I also had an exchange with Elder Andre in my old area in Bayeux. It went pretty well. I got to see Lucas, my first baptism! That was very exciting. He gave me this HUGE hug! 

This was another hard week finding people to teach.  After absolutely nothing happening during the week we still had a baptism! Edivan the young man who last week came up to us saying hes reading the Book of Mormon was super firm all week. Hes so awesome. He came to Church with a white shirt, Book of Mormon, Bible, note taking stuff, and everything. He was so prepared for baptism. 

It was a testimony builder to me that how when I can count my blessings, I take out all the negative stuff in my life. This one thing totally ruled over all the negatives of the week and its given me an even BIGGER desire to work harder this week. This is why Im on a mission!

Elder Peirce & I Dead After 3 Hours of Tracting

Family Home Evening at Herma Ana's

Thats what I have this week. Im sending a bunch of pictures this week in which you can share with everybody! Elder Peirce and I are improving sending pictures. ;) But hey do you think Im getting skinnier? People from my ward and old ward have said it all week. :)

Eating a Ton on P-day

Elder Sprousse's Peanut Butter

My Friend, Tiago

I LOVE YOU X ETERNITY!  Have a great week!

Your Son,
Elder Steven Untch

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