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Monday, November 11, 2013

November 4, 2013

Elder Peirce

Oi!  How was Halloween for everybody?  We have 4 Americans in the house so we were going to do a party thing at the end of the day at our house UNTIL our Brasilian Assistant called a mission-wide fast. 

If I could give a title to this week its would be Miracles with a Mix of Inimigo (trans "enemy"). On Tuesday, Elder Peirce and I went blitzin on doors where he talks to one side and I the other. It gets a ton of work done! Well I ended up finding 4 new investigators. 2 of them are amazing! One is Evaliani. She is 17 years old but looks 25. We taught her the next day and she really has been wanting to get baptized but didnt know which Church had the truth. She easily knew the Book of Mormon was true and everything. We also told her that same appointment that the enemy (He Who Should Not Be Named) would work to make sure it didnt happen. Well sure enough the next day she nervously told us that she would be marrying to a man who lives in Rio de Janiero. His parents are Mormons but when Evaliani talked about baptism he said no. He said wait till she moves there. Of course she didnt know what to do so we had her call again and he again said no. We told her it was her decision and she needed to be baptized yesterday but she said she would in Rio. 

The other one was Camila, the sister of Carolina. Camila was our original contact before we taught and baptized Carolina. She didnt want to be baptized until Elder Peirce snubbed her out. She wouldnt because 1) She has a medical problem to where she needs to eat all the time and she thought she couldnt eat at the Church and 2) She just didnt get the purpose of baptism. All Ill say is after the lesson we had the papers filled and she was ready to be baptized. Then the enemy stepped in again... Saturday night we were told by phone her Mom (who just signed and gave the approval for baptism cancelled it). The worst part was when we went to talk to the family the Mom wouldnt even come out to talk to us. 

We had a great week teaching and finding but had nothing to show for it. We called people in the morning who said they were coming and then they cancelled last second. Its just super upsetting in missionary work. 

But now for positives...its rained a lot. I love rain! :) Elder Peirce and I are usually finding and teaching a lot. 4 members gave us ice cream... never can go wrong there. A young man came up and said he wants to be baptized. I think he will this week! And more. 

I read Mormon 9 and made it my new favorite chapter in the Book of Mormon. I loved it just reading in Portuguese!!! :)

Have a great week! Love you x Eternity!

Your Son,
Elder Steven Untch

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