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Monday, November 25, 2013

November 18, 2013

My District

Im glad to hear everything is doing pretty good at home and that everyone is starting to grow up so big and progress with everything. It will be such a super exciting thing to see them all when I get home. Also, I love whats going on with everything with FHE and the Avengers! Thats so cool and Im super honored to be Captain America. I can tell Dad... HEY DAD....SMASH!
Insert by Mom -- Part of our FHE lesson was to discuss how we must pull together and work as a team, each using our individual strengths. Thus, the UNTCH AVENGERS! :)

Hulk: Dad
Black Widow: Mom
Captain America: Steve
Bat Girl: Rachel
Hawkeye: Jeremy
Superwoman: Amber
Iron Man: Joshua

So about my week...another really rough one. My zone is literally the hardest place to get the work moving forward. I think personally its because of two things, disobedience of commandments and members. Here is super difficult with obeying the commandments of the Word of Wisdom and Law of Chastity. You think the US is bad?...come to Brasil. Its really sad because no one is progressing and now no one wants to here the message in our area. Elder Peirce and I are really starting to crack down on some teaching strategies and stuff to help progress the work. 

On a more positive note...tons of people are commenting on my weight...Im starting to be super happy about this because Ive been wanting that for sooooo long!

A Little Puppy We Like to Visit Every Once in a while

Last Tuesday, I was on an exchange in the area Santa Rita with my Argentino friend, Elder Bianco. They are loaded with hills and the area is absolutely huge.  What was really fun was the cheapest and best way to get into the area is by train. Its only 50 centavos to get on one. You know how much I loved trains when I was younger and it sure made me think of Grandpa... good day. 

Yesterday, Edivan (our baptism last week) got confirmed and is super duper animated. He told us yesterday he wants to fast because he heard the word and that it was a commandment. Hes super duper prepared to be an active member forever. He is starting to load us up with some references that we could possibly baptize this week. Im excited...

Right now we only have 2 investigators that were actually teaching. One is the Bishops neice who could be baptized this Sunday but here Mom is super duper into here Church. Well see how that goes...were going there today after PDay. And also we have this lady who has a problem with the 2 commandments but is taking the lessons so again I dont know...she was partying this weekend which was super upsetting for us. 

I LOVE YOU SOOOO MUCH X ETERNITY and I will email you next week! Best of wishes and prayers.

Your Son,
Elder Steven Untch aka Captain America

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